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We are a small, serious and responsible Hobby breeder dedicated to the Labrador retriever. We strive to promote and preserve soundness, health, quality and natural hunting ability- form and function! Our goal is and will always be to produce wonderful loving family dogs, who can also spend the morning in the duck blind, run hunt test, compete in obedience and still be competitive in the conformation ring! We have proudly been involved with Labrador retrievers for well over 10 years and look forward to many, many more wonderful years to come! We do occasionally have amazing puppies in Black, Chocolate and Yellow available to wonderful loving homes!

We definitely focus on Quality vs quantity, so we do not have puppies available all the time. We only have between 1 to 3 litters a year, this of course depends on Mother Nature! One year we may only have 1 litter, while the next we may have 3. If you catch us when we do not have puppies available, please contact us anyway as we would be happy to refer you to other reputable breeders that may have puppies available. We also have a wait list if you are interested in a future planned litter!

We are located in mid-Western Idaho, near scenic Winchester state park and historic Lewis-Clark Valley (which is made up of Lewiston, ID and Clarkston, WA). 

Our Labs all come from proven bloodlines and we spend countless hours researching pedigrees to make sure we do not double up or bring in any serious diseases or faults in. All our Labs are also health tested with OFA hips & elbows, Eyes ACVO/CERF/OFA cleared, PRA clear and EIC/CNM tested. We offer a full warranty against genetic diseases as well as a general health guarantee! Our puppies are also welcome back at ANY time, ANY age for ANY reason!!!

Well we sure do hope you enjoy your stay on our website and welcome you to meet all our kiddos, and fall in love with this wonderful breed just as we have! If you find any glitches, broken links or things just outta place, feel free to message me at – I check this about twice a month since it’s for technical issue reporting for our site so please do not email this address if you have puppy questions, instead please email us at – thanks!


Note: We are 100% for the purebred Labrador retriever so will ONLY ever have Blacks, Yellows (our yellows will range in shades from light cream to a darker red fox shade) and Chocolates! We are 100% dilute free! If you are interested in knowing more about the truth behind the dilutes in Labradors, please click any of our “Say No To Silver” banners throughout our website. Very worth the time to read, we promise! If you truly care for the breed, you will understand why ALL reputable breeders are against these “colors” that just popped up it seems, at a couple kennels who bred Weims and Labs- no other place in the world except for those kennels specifically. These dilutes (the gene responsible is the D locus- found in the Weimariner) are not naturally occurring in our wonderful breed; this gene was introduced AFTER the stud book closed so these dogs are not “pure”! One fact some dilute "breeders" fail to mention is that in other countries there had been NO, absolutely NO dilutes ever produced UNTIL they imported dilute dogs from the USA! With a breed like the Labrador, that is popular in many countries, you would had seen a couple different dilutes being produced yearly in other countries if this was naturally occurring gene; just like black, yellow and chocolate and even the mismarks (see this link for more info on mismarks in Labs- Mismarks In Labrador Retrievers) . Yet, there had not been! Please we just ask that you educate yourself on this matter. We know the heart wants what the heart wants, but know that when purchasing a dilute “Lab”, you are promoting irresponsible breeding as these “colors” are Disqualifications and serious faults which should NOT be purposely bred! They are also NOT AKC recognized and falsely registered as black, yellow and chocolate. 

Dixie, pictured above at 13 yrs (left) and 9 weeks (right), is our beginning!
She came into our lives Feb of 2002 and started our love for Labs! 
Dixie sadly passed away Oct of 2015. She will be missed so very much! 


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