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Kara 6weeks

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Did you know Labrador retrievers did not come from Labrador, but are from Newfoundland!


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Angus 4wks

Welcome!  We are a small, serious and responsible Hobby breeder dedicated to the Labrador retriever for over 10 years and counting!! We are located in Midwestern Idaho, near Winchester St. Park and historic Lewiston Idaho. We have 1 to two carefully and thoughtfully planned litters a year with the goal to improve on and better each new generation in our program. We occasionally have quality Lab puppies available of all 3 AKC recognized colors of Chocolate, Black and Yellow (our yellow puppies do range from a very light cream to the darker fox red). We participate in health screening our Labs before they are bred, so we give the next generation a much healthier future and reduce the risk for orthopedic problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia, and eye diseases such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Retinal Dysplasia. We also make sure that at least 1 parent is normal/clear for EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) and CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy). We also research bloodlines, putting coutless hours in to ensure we do not double up or unknowingly add a potential health issue into our lines. We strive for the "perfect" family dog, putting emphasis on great health history, temperament, natural ability and proper breed type (thus form and function).

Dixie pictured at 13 yrs young & below at 9wks
She celebrates her 14th Bday this year!

Our beginning really started in 2001 when our family moved up to Colorado to visit with family for a few months until we decided where we would like to make our home, after all we had not seen then in several years so it would be a great rest to just slow down and enjoy the company of family! After a few months we decided we were ready to expand our family and add a 4 legged kiddo. We looked around and came across an ad in the paper for black lab puppies. We made the trip to look at and meet the puppies. We have had a lab mix in the past and Bear was a great dog, very smart and a wonderful companion. He looked more Lab and from what we read on the breed, he had all the great Labrador traits! This was a good match, we knew a Lab would be perfect! We arrived to the gentlemans farm, and there they were; a handful of black Lab pups running around and momma, a very big girl, happily wagging her tail. Naturally my dad, being an expert lol, decided that we needed the biggest puppy and that puppy happened to be a female. At that moment we all were smitten. She was perfect!! Now there were no health testing and no papers (because the guy didn't want to register them), you can say we didn't do it the right way. BUT it was the best $100 spent! This little bundle we went on to name Dixie (aka Dixie-Belle). Dixie was a natural water dog in her younger years, and a natural bird dog. The first day we got her, we took her to a park and during that time of year geese gather. She knew what she needed to do; retrieve those birds! And she did try her best, but she was a tiny 9 week old puppy and these geese were twice her size. She is going on 14 yrs old this year (2015) and is going strong! She's a sweet girl and she gets lots of complements, even though we do not know her bloodlines, she looks like allot of the older Lab types! We love our old girl and are very thankful for having her in our life! We have learned allot since that time, we now know the importance of health screening and also researching the bloodlines, but we would not be where we are today if it had not been for Dixie!!! ♥

We hope you enjoy getting to know our Labs and to fall in love with the Labrador retriever, just as our family has! Labs are such a wonderful breed; they are highly adaptable and capable of taking on many tasks from Therapy work, Service Dog, Drug detection, Tracking, SAR to being a calm, gentle family dog! They are absolutely the most loving family dog and Labs are naturally skilled hunting dogs and It's for these reasons that Labs remain on top as America's #1 breed!

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